The Importance of Safety Fencing

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Safety steel fences are erected around hazardous areas to ensure the safety of the public but also to prevent trespassing. Many accidents can occur in areas required to have safety steel fences resulting in many worksite incidents. Of these worksite incidents, many of them can be attributed to the public accidentally walking into a dangerous area. The prevention of such accidents especially in a construction area can be done by simply installing safety steel fences. Today let us investigate a few factors as to the importance of safety fencing around construction sites.

Safety Fencing Regulations

Safety fencing regulations for the use of steel fences can be a very simple process. By following a strict and simple guideline around the use of steel fences you can erect a barrier that limits entry to professional workers only. The regulations for safety fences are applicable to a variety of different circumstances and their ability to adapt to different situations allow steel fences to be installed for various applications and construction sites. The regulations of safety fences exist to ensure adequate zoning of area for onlookers as well as safety.

Public Area

Construction sites happen around a public area. Natural curiosity of the residents and passers-by will have a peak to enquire about the project. This is quite natural and often at times harmless provided they are away from the site. However, under proper adherence to safety fencing regulations, the installation of steel fences can prevent people from wandering around a hazardous site. Steel fences offer control around a public area preventing onlookers being too confident and walking around haphazardly in a very dangerous area that can inflict serious injuries or worse.


Steel fences are also an important element to prevent trespassing. Trespassing can occur for a variety of reasons, regardless, the manufactured specifications of steel fences are constructed in such a manner to prevent the fence from being climbed over. There is no foothold on a steel fence and thus trespassers are deterred from breaking and entering an area under construction.


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