LVL Scaffold Planks

The LVL (Laminated veneer lumber) scaffold plank is a high strength and lightweight LVL scaffold plank manufactured to AS/NZS1577.

Our LVL scaffold plank is sized and engineered to meet or exceed the performance requirements for scaffold planks as defined in AS/NZS1577 Scaffold Planks, is strong, lightweight and reliable compare to conventional timber. Each plank with quality control and testing completed in accordance with AS/ NZS 1577.

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Product Description

High-Quality LVL Scaffold Plank 

The LVL scaffold plank is a durable and lightweight board designed for scaffolding, meeting all necessary safety standards. All planks are carefully engineered to ensure they perform at or above the requirements set by AS/NZS1577.

LVL Scaffold Battens is super lightweight allowing for easy handling. The wax on LVL Engineered Scaffold Planking creates a protective layer that prevents moisture from penetrating the surface. Compared to traditional timber, Composite Scaffold Board is designed to withstand the harshest environment that can be subjected to in a construction project. All scaffold planks are carefully packed, strapped and covered with waterproof wrap and stored in a safe environment, before being dispatched to any site.

When utilizing scaffolds, particularly for construction projects, a stable, solid, and secure surface that can withstand the weight of multiple workers is required. LVL scaffold plank is the solution! With Engineered Scaffold plank, workers can maneuver effortlessly on the scaffolds without worry about instability. Plywood Scaffolding planks are exceptional quality products in the construction industry. As such, with quality Plywood Scaffolding planks provided for your workers, a high level of quality work and competence will be demonstrated through your workers working effortlessly on the Engineered scaffolding planks.

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