Advantages of Aluminium Towers

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Aluminium towers are quintessential equipment in a construction project, with varying applicability and versatility in their design function, there are many benefits to Aluminium Towers. Today we will have a brief discussion on a few advantages of Aluminium Towers to understand their importance in construction projects as well as the safety of workers.

Versatile and Easy to Assemble

Ladders are convenient for climbing up to a higher area, however, they offer little to no stability when working at heights and are not suitable or safe for workers to work on. Aluminium scaffold towers can accommodate for the lack of surface area and stability for workers. The surface area of Aluminium towers is plentiful for workers to safely work on and stand on. The design structure of aluminium towers ensures that they are extremely stable when set up properly and highly versatile as they can be easily moved elsewhere to better fit your construction needs. Moreover, aluminium towers can be easily installed with minimal effort required and can be assembled quickly without jeopardising the health of your workers. A safe area of work instils confidence in workers, boosting productivity.

Easy to Transport

Aluminium towers are designed to be lightweight. This lightweight attribute of aluminium towers comes from the materials used and the lack of galvanised steel poles which are heavier and denser. As they are lightweight, this means that Aluminium towers are also easy to transport by most modest-sized commercial vehicles. They can easily be taken to a construction site and installed, whereas a ladder may jeopardise the safety of workers and a permanent scaffold may be too expensive or time-consuming to install. Mobile scaffold towers are simply put, the most cost-effective solution to construction projects when you are required to work at heights demanding scaffolds or difficult-to-reach areas.

Extreme Durability

Aluminium towers, as the name suggests are composed of aluminium. Aluminium itself is a non-ferrous and non-corrosive metal with high durability. Aluminium towers are thus a much more compelling and better investment for current and future construction projects due to their long operational lifespan. With proper maintenance and inspections, a quality aluminium tower is more than adequate to last a few years of service before the durability wears off and you require a replacement.


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