Determining when to use Mobile Scaffold Towers

Mobile Scaffold Towers are quintessential pieces of equipment used in many construction projects, allowing tradespeople to work in difficult areas that requires a steady platform and sufficient space at heights. The beauty of scaffold towers is their versatility and flexibility in terms of its applicability in a construction project. Among scaffold towers, the most popular product is aluminium scaffold towers. With regards to scaffold towers, this article will breakdown a few instances of when you should or should not consider purchasing or renting a scaffold tower.

Safety and Longevity Concerns

Mobile Scaffold towers, specifically ones made from aluminium are designed to be lightweight, durable, manoeuvrable, and flexible for any situation. With proper treatment, aluminium scaffold towers have also been treated to withstand rust and corrosion which is an important consideration for safety and longevity especially in harsh weather conditions that that scaffold tower will be subjected to. Many construction projects have dangerous environments that are easily mitigated, especially for areas that require space and are above certain heights, will require the use of scaffold towers. If you are concerned about safety and the duration in terms of the construction project, then scaffold towers are perfect for this situation!


If there is anything we learn as a child, it is to never have water near an electric socket or to use metal on a toaster or have something metal in the microwave. In similar situations, you never want to consider using an Aluminium scaffold tower especially if you are working with electricity or are near power sources. The reason for this is obvious, aluminium is an extremely efficient conductive metal and is thus an extremely dangerous equipment around electricity. For this reason, consider purchasing a different type of scaffold tower made from a different material.


The most obvious example of the required use of scaffold towers is height. Scaffold towers are designed for reaching certain heights. That is after all their main purpose, whilst also providing an environment of safety, durability, and comfort for workers. When working at heights where a fall can be significantly fatal or cause sever injury, the use of scaffold towers is vital. Generally, at a height of two metres is when scaffold towers are required by OSHA guidelines.


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