Aluminium Scaffold Tower

What kind of aluminium scaffold tower should be used for your project?

A safe and efficient work environment depends on choosing the right aluminium scaffold tower.  Remember the following points when choosing scaffolding for your construction:


Height and weight are vital considerations in any job. Ensure that aluminium scaffold towers are of acceptable heights and can support workers as well as equipment. Go through the specifications and select those that will suit your work.


In addition, consider the size of the platform for the aluminium scaffold. A platform for workers and operational tools must be wide enough. Furthermore, it must have guardrails to stop falls and other safety measures like non-slip surfaces.


Think about how durable the scaffolding is. Commonly weather-resistant and able to withstand changing temperatures, aluminium scaffold towers are ideal for outdoor use. They can also resist corrosion and rust, guaranteeing that the scaffold remains firm for many years.

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Narrow Scaffold Tower (680mm*1915mm)

The Narrow Scaffold Tower can fit through doorways and other narrow openings, making it ideal for use in confined spaces. Despite its narrow width, it can support up to 230kg of soft workload, providing a safe and secure working platform. The tower is also lightweight and easy to assemble, making it ideal for use in projects where mobility is needed.

Double Scaffold Tower (1250mm*2500mm)

The Double Scaffold Tower provides a larger working area than a single one by stacking twos on top of each other. Despite its larger size, this type of tower can still fit through standard doorways, making it versatile for projects. It can support up to 230kg of soft workload and is lightweight, making it easy to assemble and move around the worksite.

Long Scaffold Tower (680mm*2500mm)

The Long Scaffold Tower is designed for projects where a longer reach is required. Despite its longer platform, this tower can still fit through doorways and other narrow openings. It can support up to 230kg of soft workload and is lightweight, making it easy to move around the worksite. These towers can be easily erected & dismantled by following our instructions, and also allow easy transport.

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Advantages of Scaffold Tower Made from Aluminium

Scaffold towers are a vital requirement in the construction, painting, and maintenance. Workers require the tower to reach heights and levels and perform efficiently without minor accidents. All scaffoldings are ideal, but those made using aluminium stand out due to their many benefits.


The main benefit is aluminium scaffold towers are lightweight. Aluminium is a light metal making it easier to move and deploy than the others. This aspect is critical, especially if the work involves moving to several heights and levels.


Scaffold systems create another possibility and advantage regarding the design’s flexibility. Due to scaffold towers, people can install them in different settings, including indoors and outdoors. Therefore, workers can utilize the scaffold towers based on their needs or complete various projects, from painting and decorating to electrical and maintenance work.


Scaffold towers are also financially viable and reasonable in the long run. Even though the overall installation plan may imply substantial expenditures, any project can use the scaffolding for years or even decades.


Scaffold Towers are a highly advantageous option for those in the construction, maintenance, and painting industries. They are lightweight, durable, versatile, and cost-effective, making them an excellent investment for any project.

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