Scaffolding Inspection Essentials

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Scaffolding inspections are a legal requirement every construction project must undergo when utilising Scaffolding Melbourne accessories. The basics of scaffolding inspection ensures that you adhere to the Work at Height Regulations 2005 as well as ensure you are adequately responsible for scaffolding Melbourne use when hiring. Today we will have a quick look at what a scaffolding inspection is and who inspects the scaffolding.

Scaffolding Inspection

The inspection of Scaffolding Melbourne accessories is simply put an examination of the scaffolds to determine its safety on site and for construction workers as well as pedestrians that may walk by. Generally, these scaffolding inspections occur after the installation of the scaffolding Melbourne accessories to provide confirmation of its safety to be used for work. Although the greenlight may be given for the use of the scaffolding, it is within your best interest to inspect the scaffolding Melbourne accessories weekly to ensure maintenance. This due diligence should be carried out, especially if there was any form of extreme weather or harsh conditions which may subject the scaffolding to come loose.

Scaffolding Inspection Inspectors

HSE guidelines state that the scaffolding inspections must be done by a person of competence with knowledge, training and experience that is appropriate for the type and complexity of the scaffold being used. Generally, scaffolding inspectors are included by the service that provides the scaffolding Melbourne materials. However, if the service does not include this, then you will want to hire an independent person to do this vital and legal inspection.


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