2400*2100mm Temporary Fence Panel

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2400*2100mm Temporary fence panel


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Product Description

Product Details:

Temporary Fencing Panel Dimension: 2400mm*2100mm  (Length*Height)

Infill Spacing: 150mm*60mm  (Height*Width)

Wire dimension: 2.5mm*2.5mm

Tube of Frame: 32mm (OD)

Surface: Hot dip Galvanized 14 Microns

Top and Bottom Edge: 150mm

GW Equip has a large number of temporary fences to hire and locations throughout Australia, contact the market leaders in temporary fencing today.

About Temporary Fence

GW Equip is proud to provide temporary fencing solutions for any school, event, construction, site, events, or landscaping needs. Our available temporary safety fencing products are durable, quality, affordable, and are guaranteed to get the work done.

Temporary isolation fencing offers the benefits of keeping intruders away as well as preventing theft and trespassing on construction sites. Our steel fences offer the ability to keep out onlookers as well as keep children safe as they will be unable to wander into potentially hazardous workplaces. Regardless, our temporary safety fencing will be able to meet any requirements you have, whether it is for construction needs or for crowd control for where large groups are expected to congregate at events. You can always rely on GW Equip and our steel temporary On-site fencing!

We provide standard 2400 by 2100 mm temporary fence panels, as well as other temporary On-site fencing accessories such as clamps and concrete feet to stabilize your fences together. Whilst they can be bought separately, we also offer the choice of buying these three parts as a set together, allowing you to choose how many sets you want for your required needs.

At GW Equip we pride ourselves in offering quality temporary safety fencing in Melbourne. We offer an assorted range of scaffoldings that can meet any needs and are easy to assemble. Whether you are looking for quality, affordable, safe, and durable scaffolding, temporary fencing, or any accessories visit our website today or give us a call and see how our friendly staff can cater to your construction project requirements.

What are the advantages of temporary fences?

The advantages of temporary fencing are numerous. One of the primary benefits is its flexibility and portability. Unlike permanent fencing, temporary on site fencing can be easily moved and repositioned as needed, making it ideal for situations that require frequent reconfiguration. Additionally, temporary safety fencing is highly customizable, with various materials and sizes available to suit a range of applications. Temporary fences is also relatively cost-effective compared to permanent fencing, as it can be rented or purchased on a short-term basis, reducing the need for long-term investment.

How do we use the temporary fencing?

Temporary fences is commonly used in a variety of applications. One of the most common uses is in construction sites, where temporary on site fencing is used to keep workers safe from potential hazards, such as heavy machinery or falling debris. Temporary construction fencing is also used in events and festivals, where it can be used to mark off specific areas or create barriers to control the flow of traffic. Additionally, temporary event fencing is used in agriculture and farming, where it can be used to contain livestock or protect crops from pests.

Why do people choose our products?

Quality assurance: GW Equip’s temporary on site fencing is of high quality, rigorously tested and inspected to ensure durability and reliability. Additionally, GW Equip’s temporary fencing is regularly maintained and serviced to ensure optimal performance.
Customizable options: GW Equip offers a range of temporary fencing options, including different materials, sizes, and colors, to meet the specific needs of different applications. This allows customers to choose the fencing that best suits their requirements.
Competitive pricing: GW Equip offers competitive pricing on their temporary fences, making it a cost-effective option for short-term projects or events.
Customer service: GW Equip’s experienced and knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, from helping customers select the appropriate temp orary fencing for their needs to providing ongoing support and maintenance.
Convenience: GW Equip offers convenient rental and purchase options for temporary on site fencing, including delivery and pickup services, making it easy and hassle-free for customers to obtain and use the fencing they need.

Buy Temporary Fencing

As esteemed manufacturers and suppliers in Melbourne and across Australia, we possess extensive expertise in the realm of temporary fence! Our diverse range of temporary fencing systems includes the widely recognized 2.4m x 2.1m temporary site fence, tailored to suit various industries and scenarios.

Temporary fencing serves the crucial purpose of establishing a transitory and flexible boundary around a site, ensuring the safety and security of individuals on both sides. It is commonly employed in construction sites, demolition sites, outdoor events, as well as security-sensitive gatherings.

When it comes to cost-effective temporary fence solutions, the industry-standard 2.4m x 2.1m temporary site fencing takes the lead. This particular fencing option is particularly favored in the construction sector due to its exceptional value for money, rapid installation, and compatibility with complementary accessories. For security-sensitive events seeking optimal protection against mob attacks, vehicle ramming, and similar threats, a prison-mesh temporary fence system proves to be an ideal choice. Our temporary fence solution of this nature delivers a robust and relocatable fence system that offers outstanding strength and ensures maximum security on the ground.

Efficient Temporary Fence Installation

Renowned for its straightforwardness and swiftness, the installation of temporary fence is a process that is both rapid and hassle-free, demanding only a minimal number of standard components. The fundamental elements of a temporary fence setup usually consist of a panel, a fence foot, and steel couplers. To assemble the fencing, the legs of the fence panel are inserted into the openings of the fence foot and securely connected to the adjacent fence panel using steel couplers, which essentially function as clamps equipped with a steel nut. While it is possible for a single individual to carry out the installation if necessary, opting for a two-person team ensures a higher level of safety and expedites the process significantly.

Advantages of Purchasing Temporary Fencing Instead of Hiring

  1. Flexibility: With the ownership of temporary fencing, you have the freedom to utilize it whenever and wherever you need. There are no limitations or restrictions on its usage.
  2. Time Efficiency: By purchasing temporary fencing, you eliminate the need to contact a hiring company, arrange payment, and coordinate delivery. You can work according to your own timelines, allowing for faster completion of your projects.
  3. No Terms & Conditions: Buying temporary fencing means avoiding additional costs such as damage waiver fees, cleaning fees, and administrative charges. These extra expenses, on top of regular hire rates, can accumulate quickly and strain your project budget.
  4. Simplified Transaction: When you hire temporary fencing, there’s a risk of incurring additional fees if your project exceeds the initially agreed-upon timeframe. However, purchasing temporary fencing involves a single transaction without any concerns about extending the hire period.
  5. Cost Savings: If you anticipate using temporary fencing multiple times, buying it is a cost-effective choice. Within just one or two projects, you can recoup the investment. Additionally, if you’re savvy, you can easily resell the used temporary fencing when you no longer require it, further maximizing your savings.


Weight 11.5 kg
Dimensions 2400 × 2100 cm