Situations when you should use Temporary Fencing

temporary fence

Temporary Fencing is vital to ensure the safety of the public as well as preventing unlawful or unwanted trespassing. Temporary Fences are designed to prevent many accidents that can easily occur on worksites. By simply installing a few temporary fences, many major or minor accidents can be easily prevented and avoided. So, when is it appropriate to install temporary fences? Today we will look at a few situations you should consider installing a temporary Fences.

Construction Projects

In Australia, temporary fencing is a legal obligation to be required and installed onsite for any construction projects, especially for new homes. The reason for temporary fencing in construction projects is to contain the debris during excavation work, keeping the public safe as well as protecting your site from illegal trespassing of even theft.

Pool Installation

As a safety measure, temporary fences are required when installing a pool. If a pool cannot self-drain or does not have self-draining technology, the accumulation of rainwater at the bottom of the pool can cause a sever safety risk. Please ask about temporary fence installation with your pool installers to see if they are abiding or following the legal requirements.

Crowd Control

In most cases, temporary fences are used to purposefully control crowds. They are especially prominent at community events, music concerts and for other purposes. Temporary fences are effective in protected pedestrians, containing areas and controlling the flow of the crowd. Temporary fences are a must and vital instrument required.

Vertical Gardens

Temporary fences are actually very useful in creative and innovative ways. One creative manner is using temporary fences for vertical gardens. When your garden of backyard has limited space or you have a lack of space, you can use temporary fences to plant various herbs and vegetables and are easy to maintain and highly sturdy.


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