Proper Installation of Temporary Fencing

Quality temporary fencing & scaffolding in Melbourne

Temporary fencing offers many benefits. The ability to deter intruders, prevent theft and trespassing on construction sites as well as security. However, the ability of a temporary fence lies within an appropriate installation.

Use Right Tools and Materials

The correct tool for temporary fencing is quite simple, you need your fence panels, clamps, and concrete feet. Other materials you may also require are nuts and bolts to ensure the installation of the temporary fence is secure using an adjustable wrench.

Survey Installation Area Condition

Before installing the temporary fence, make sure that the platform the fences are standing on is evenly level and that the area is clear. Make sure also to install the temporary fences under inappropriate weather conditions. Gusty winds and rain create a slipper surface area and make the transportation and installation of temporary fences much more dangerous.

Installing the Temporary Fences

Once you have ensured that it is appropriate and safe to install temporary fencing, you are free to install them. To install temporary fences, have a panel act as a base with concrete feet. This way you can attach another temporary fence to the concrete feet with it and secure it. It is a relatively simple and straightforward process from there. All you need to do is barricade and secure the temporary fence where you wish to keep pedestrians or intruders out. Moreover, it is a good habit to ensure that the concrete feet are not obstructing too much of the walkway as it is a potential tripping hazard.

Fence Maintenance

Just because you have installed your temporary fence, does not mean you should neglect its maintenance and believe its sturdiness is always guaranteed to last. In order to ensure the temporary fences are in prime condition, have a regular look at the stability, structural integrity of the clamps, and any bolts holding the fences together. If you notice anything loose, just tighten any part that needs tightening to resecure the fence.


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