Injury Prevention when Working on Scaffolding

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Scaffolding is an equipment commonly used in the construction industry to enable workers or tradespeople to perform certain tasks during a project. Scaffolds are a huge asset structurally, however, there are many dangerous factors that can be attributed to scaffolds, especially when working at a height.

These factors can involve result at times serious or even fatal injuries. Whether scaffolds are used for small or big projects, adequate responsibility and adherence to safety should be prioritized when buying scaffolds to be used in construction.

Listed below are a few precautions we have compiled to help you minimize the risks of utilizing scaffolds.

Inspect Scaffolds

Inspections to your scaffolding should not just be done after the scaffold itself has been erected. Before you even use the scaffold or buy scaffolding, inquire about the quality and its construction details to ensure the quality and safety of the product.

When the scaffold has been erected, scaffolding inspection should always be done weekly. A thorough and professional inspection helps to identify any flaws or potentially dangerous elements in the scaffold’s structural integrity. Such flaws can be the scaffold being inadequately braced or not properly tied to the building.

Scaffolds should also include handrails or crash decks to ensure your worker’s safety. With a safe working environment, workers are more likely to be more efficient in their specialized work and speed up construction time.

Avoid Heights

Construction projects always include height. At times, however, it is possible to complete the construction without working at a height.

Circumstances involving height should be appropriately catered to with adequate and proper scaffolding, especially when there are no alternative methods to work. When working at a height, do a proper and comprehensive risk assessment to identify any potential hazards and with adequate action or equipment such as scaffolds to minimize any risks that were identified.

Provide Appropriate Training and PPE

By law, it is a requirement for all workers to be provided with the appropriate training and personal protective equipment when working at a height.

Through appropriate training, workers are more aware of their responsibilities and adequately prepared for any safety measure or procedures they need to follow to not only prevent a potentially fatal injury or fall but also be professional and integral in the manner they use their equipment to protect them.

Be Tidy

Falling debris or messy work environments can be very hazardous for workers. Slipping, falling, or tripping due to poor housekeeping, can easily occur by lack of cleaning up after work. Encourage your workers to tidy up and keep any walkways clear. By doing something very simple, the risks of an accident are greatly reduced on scaffolds or at height.

Due Diligence

Do not be lazy when it comes to buying your scaffolds or equipment, providing training or equipment, or any inspections.

Construction time can take time due to the preparation beforehand, but it should always be carried out in a careful manner. By doing so you greatly reduce any risks or potential fatalities. Inspections, ensuring workers are properly equipped and trained should never be rushed.

Moreover, when you buy scaffolding, do not skimp out on the quality of the scaffold. By providing quality, safe, and reliable scaffolds, you promote a safer working environment.


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