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Timber planks are commonly used equipment in the construction industry. A trait of timber planks that signal high quality is their super lightweight feel. A lightweight plank allows for easy handling and if they are waxed the wood has an emulsifier that seals off any moisture that can penetrate and ruin the natural properties of the wood. A timber plank that fits these descriptions is rare, but the timber planks at GW Equip is unique and of some of the highest quality that can withstand harsh weather environments and wear. When you use scaffolds or flooring, quality timber planks are required to provide suitable footing that is also secure and solid that can withstand heavy weight. By providing your scaffolds or floors with quality timber planks, you guarantee the safety of your workers whilst also ensuring that you give a high-quality finish to a home! Worried about the natural properties of wood being worn down and becoming wobbly or ruined? The timber planks are manufactured to ensure they are given an emulsified seal that creates additional durability for the wood’s natural properties, ensuring that they withstand the test of time and harshest weather conditions! So there is no need for you to worry as we only source the highest quality type of planks for construction projects.

GW Equip is excited to provide the construction industry with quality timber planks! These timber planks are of the highest quality for construction requirements, especially for scaffolding purposes. We even source some of the highest sought timber plank types, LVL scaffold planks and many other assortments are available below! If you require any assistance with timber planks purchases or have any queries to consult, feel free to contact us and our team will do their utmost to help you or satisfy your questions.

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