Swivel Beam Clamp

Our swivel beam clamp is a versatile scaffolding accessory designed for securely attaching scaffold tubes to beams or other structural supports at any angle. Ideal for construction, maintenance, and industrial applications, this clamp offers flexibility and stability, ensuring a reliable connection for your scaffolding needs.


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Product Description

The swivel beam clamp provides a robust and adjustable connection between scaffold tubes and beams, allowing for precise positioning and alignment. Crafted from high-quality materials, this clamp is engineered to withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions, ensuring durability and safety in various scaffolding configurations.

Key Features:
Adjustable Swivel: Allows for flexible positioning and alignment of scaffold tubes.
Strong Grip: Provides a secure and stable connection to beams or structural supports.
Durable Construction: Made from premium-grade steel for long-lasting performance.
Corrosion Resistant: Galvanized finish for enhanced resistance to rust and corrosion.
Easy Installation: Simple to attach and adjust, saving time and effort on the job site.

Usage Instructions:
1. Preparation: Position the swivel beam clamp on the scaffold tube and align with the beam or structural support.
2. Adjustment: Use the swivel feature to adjust the angle and alignment as needed.
3. Securing: Tighten the bolts on the clamp to secure the scaffold tube firmly in place.
4. Inspection: Check the connection for stability and security before use.