Kick Board

Our kick board is a crucial scaffolding component designed to enhance safety by preventing tools and materials from falling off the scaffold platform. Ideal for construction, maintenance, and industrial applications, this kick board ensures a secure and compliant working environment.


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Product Description

The kick board provides a protective barrier along the edges of scaffold platforms, preventing objects from being accidentally knocked off. Made from durable materials, this board is built to withstand heavy use and harsh conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

Key Features:
Enhanced Safety: Prevents tools and materials from falling off the scaffold platform.
Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials for strength and durability.
Weather Resistant: Designed to withstand exposure to various weather conditions.
Easy Installation: Simple to attach to scaffold platforms, saving time and effort.
Compliant Design: Meets industry safety standards for scaffold systems.

Usage Instructions:
Preparation: Align the kick board with the edges of the scaffold platform.
Positioning: Place the board securely along the platform edge.
Securing: Use the provided brackets or clips to fasten the board in place.
Inspection: Regularly check the board for secure attachment and stability.