Double C Clip

Our double C clip is a vital scaffolding accessory designed to provide robust and reliable connections between scaffold tubes. Ideal for construction, maintenance, and industrial applications, this clip ensures the stability and safety of your scaffold structures with ease and efficiency.


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Product Description

The double C clip offers a secure and sturdy attachment for scaffold tubes, enhancing the overall integrity of your scaffolding system. Made from high-quality materials, this clip is designed to withstand harsh conditions and heavy loads, making it a dependable choice for various scaffolding configurations.

Key Features:
Strong Connection: Provides a secure link between scaffold tubes, ensuring stability.
Durable Construction: Made from premium-grade materials for long-lasting performance.
Easy Installation: Simple and quick to install, saving time on job sites.
Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for various scaffold tube sizes and configurations.

Usage Instructions:
1. Preparation: Align the scaffold tubes to be connected.
2. Positioning: Place the double C clip over the tubes, ensuring a snug fit.
3. Securing: Tighten the clip to secure the tubes firmly in place.
4. Inspection: Check the connection to ensure stability before use.