Beam Clamp

Our beam clamp is an essential tool for securely attaching lifting equipment, hoists, or other accessories to steel beams or structures. Designed for industrial and construction applications, this clamp offers reliable performance and safety in handling heavy loads with ease and precision.


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Product Description

The beam clamp provides a robust attachment point to steel beams, allowing for the safe and efficient lifting and positioning of equipment. It features a durable construction and adjustable design to accommodate various beam sizes and configurations, making it an indispensable tool in construction, maintenance, and manufacturing settings.

Key Features:
Secure Attachment: Clamps securely onto steel beams to provide a stable anchoring point for lifting equipment.
Adjustable Jaw: Accommodates different beam widths and profiles for versatile use.
Heavy-Duty Construction: Made from high-strength materials to withstand heavy loads and rugged conditions.
Safety Locking Mechanism: Ensures the clamp remains securely attached during operation.

Usage Instructions:
1. Positioning: Place the beam clamp over the steel beam ensuring the jaws are securely aligned.
2. Adjustment: Adjust the clamp to fit the width of the beam using the adjustable screw mechanism.
3. Securing: Tighten the clamp securely around the beam to ensure a stable attachment.
4. Attaching Equipment: Attach lifting equipment or accessories to the clamp’s hook or attachment point.
5. Testing: Conduct a load test to ensure the clamp can safely support the intended load.