Alumium Ladder

The Aluminium ladders are always used to paint walls, prune fruit trees, and clean out gutters. They used lightweight materials that made it easier to lift and move. GW Equip supplies Aluminium ladders manufactured to comply with Australian standards, durable and capable of supporting 150kg. Our Aluminium ladders are suitable for Aluminium and Modular Scaffolding systems access bays.

2.4 M6 kgs
3.0 M7.5 kgs
3.6 M9 kgs
4.2 M10.25 kgs
4.8 M11.5 kgs
5.4 M13 kgs
6.0 M14 kgs



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Product Description

We have all sizes to suit all your ladder needs. The ladders are durable and not prone to corrosion, requiring little to no maintenance. Each part is made of lightweight aluminium, making it easy to carry by hand. Additionally, the aluminium frame provides protection against corrosion caused by severe weather.

✓ 150kg capacity

✓ Lightweight

✓ WorkSafe certified

✓ Manufactured to Australian standards