1 By 2 Corner Bracket

Corner Brackets combine with Board Hop Ups to fill corner gaps on Kwikstage Scaffold platforms. Each size is lightweight, but strong qualities make for a valuable accessory to Kwikstage Scaffolds.

Corner Bracket
Size1 By 1 1 By 2 1 By 3 2 By 2


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Product Description

Designed with galvanised steel, Corner Brackets are load-bearing components for the Kwikstage Scaffold. Scafeast carries a range of Scaffold Corner Brackets, which operate in unison with Board Hop Ups to close gaps in the Kwikstage Bay. Brackets come in various sizes, allowing them to seal corners of any form or size. These strong, durable attachments expand your working space with lightweight, portable, and WorkSafe-approved corner panels.

✓ WorkSafe certified

✓ Lightweight

✓ Seal gaps on all sizes and shapes

✓ Manufactured to Australian standards