1 Board Transom

One Board Transoms are an integral part of the kwikstage system scaffolding. They are formed by welding two 5.00 mm angles back to back. Transoms fit into lower ÒVÓ pressings on the standards to carry steel boards, providing a safe working platform.

Other sizes are available on request.


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Product Description

Scaffold transoms are the transverse horizontal load-bearing members of the kwikstage scaffold system. It is an essential component of building and engineering undertakings.

Structural Design: Typically made of steel or aluminium alloy, it is strong and durable enough to support the scaffold structure’s overall weight and working loads.
Connection and Support: They serve as horizontal components that link and support scaffold uprights (vertical poles), stabilising and reinforcing the entire structure.
Versatile Use: Can support horizontal and diagonal scaffold boards (crossbeams), as well as platforms and walkways.
Safety: Designed and carefully tested to satisfy safety standards, this platform provides a safe and stable working environment for high-altitude activities.
Simple Installation and Removal: Designed for easy assembly and disassembly, allowing for rapid adjustment and mobility to meet the needs of various building phases and site layouts.

✓ Lightweight

✓ Australian standards

✓ WorkSafe certified